Some systems are experiencing issues

Past Incidents

24th August 2020

Weired overloads

The server sometimes stops working for some reason, the reason might be nginx not being able to handle a lot of connections at once. Which may be caused be the old UNMS? Well after some time it pulls everything down with it, and everything except the webBIOS stops working, which is expected and clearly shows it's not an DNS issue.

Further monitoring will be required to understand this problem. I've reactivted the UNMS, so that the requests get passed through and not all go into nothing at the nginx, and as it will keep the connection open, they'll just pile up.

Let's wait and see...

  • As of now, it seems to work :)

  • Well apparently it's some wired thing with the virtualized Firewall... Let's wait and see. As these Incidents have become a lot more common with the traffic increase. Maybe the nyancat has caused some issues too, it's offline for now...

  • Seems to be fine now...

  • So until now no further incidents occurred, so maybe this is the issue. We'll do further investigation but as of now the UNMS seems to be the issue.

  • 15th August 2020

    Firewall fuckup

    Will be fixed soonish. As I need hardware access to restore the old configuration.

  • The firewall is now up and running again. Let's see how things go...

  • 7th August 2020

    The server was rebooted

    All services should come back in the next hour or so...

  • Everything is up and running.

  • 4th August 2020

    Everything is down :(

    The entire server is offline

  • Everything seems to work